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Hollow Earth Expedition is heading to Mars!


Have your players have unlocked the secrets of the surface world and delved into the mysteries of the hollow earth but still want more? There’s only one thing you can do – send them to Mars!

That’s right. It’s been in production for a while, but now we’re finally getting the fourth setting book for the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG – Revelations of Mars.

Like the previous HEX book, Perils of the Surface World, this is also being funded by way of a Kickstarter. It’s been running for a little over a week now and already sitting at almost 200% of its $15,000 funding goal. That’s not a reason to not get on board, however. Two stretch goals have already been unlocked, with a lot more to come. There are also some amazing extras you can add to your pledge to make it even more worth getting behind.

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Revelations of Mars – The aim of the project, a sword and planet-themed sourcebook that will let you play adventures in the Hollow Earth Expedition setting that are literally out-of-this-world. The book has a projected completion date of March next year – barring unforseen complications, of course, but if you’re itching to start playing right away, there are pledge options that include the current books in the Hollow Earth Expedition line which contain more than enough setting and plot hooks to keep a group of players busy feeding Nazis to Dinosaurs well into 2014.

Martian Princess Miniature (Kickstarter Exclusive) – Also available are a limited number of miniatures of the four-armed Martian Princess sample character, sculpted by Patrick Keith of Bombshell Miniatures. Unfortunately, there are only four of these models still available (at the $500 pledge level). It is possible that current backers may change or remove their pledges in the future, freeing up additional slots, so keep your eyes peeled.


Ubiquity Dice – These are specially designed dice that work with Hollow Earth Expedition’s binary dice mechanic to make rolling large dice pools much easier. You don’t need them to be able to play, but they certainly make things flow better.

Sample Character Prints – These are the 8.5″ x 11″ prints of the sample character art found in Revelations of Mars. Early versions of the artwork were on display at GenCon a couple of years ago though there have been a few changes since then. The finalised art is being gradually revealed through the Kickstarter in the form of wallpapers and icons.

Hollow Earth Expedition traveller’s edition – This is a smaller copy of the main rulebook, similar in size to the Savage Worlds explorer’s edition. Handy if you like having a hard copy, but don’t want a full-sized book.

Paper and canvas maps – Maps of the surface world, hollow earth, and Mars printed on either paper or canvas. Perfect for framing, or using as props in your games. The surface world and hollow earth maps have already appeared (in the main rules and Mysteries of the Hollow Earth respectively) if you want to see what they’ll look like.

Stretch Goals

There are two unlocked stretch goals at this time, with a third unlocking very soon.

Revelations of Mars Style chips – Like the Ubiquity dice, Style chips are not required for games of Hollow Earth Expedition. You could easily use dice, boardgame meeples, or anything else you can get your hands on. They are, however, a lot of fun to use and have just enough weight that you can throw them back and forward across a table with relative accuracy. These chips will feature sample character artwork taken from Revelations of Mars.

Revelations of Mars Ubiquity dice – While the standard Ubiquity dice have numbers printed on them, these will have symbols (a combination of swords and ray guns) to represent the numbers, with the ‘0’ faces blank. No change in function from the standard Ubiquity dice, but certainly a lot more thematic.

Locked Goals

Fat Dragon Martian terrain set – Fat Dragon Games will design a range of terrain and scenery items based on the artwork in Revelations of Mars. There aren’t any previews of it yet, but based on their previous work it is bound to be excellent stuff and suitable for a range of skill levels.

GM Screen – A Revelations of Mars GM Screen. Not much is known about what will be included with the screen, if anything.

Perils of Mars Adventures – Four adventures, in a format similar to Perils of the Surface World to help GMs fill out the setting even further while providing some pre-written adventures for their players.

And there you have it. If you think Revelations of Mars is the game for you, go and pledge. Even if you don’t, take a look at the game anyway. Dinosaurs and Nazis might not be your thing, but there is more to the game than that. So much more.

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