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Warzone Resurrection makes a comeback


Almost two months ago I predicted that Prodos Games would be launching a Kickstarter project to help them get their new version of Warzone off the ground. I’ll admit, it was an easy prediction to make. Kickstarter is de rigueur these days, and even well established companies are using the site to fund their projects. They opted for something slightly different with Warzone Resurrection however, running it for 60 days instead of the more common ~30 day length. There are currently 15 days left in the project, and they’re going great guns for a game that has been out of the spotlight for many years and isn’t backed by a big name company like CMoN. They asked for £35,000 and are currently sitting on over £90,000.

The project has not been without controversy, however. Early on, there was much discussion and debate about the look of some of the models. Luckily, everything is being sculpted in a computer, allowing Prodos to take on backer feedback and make alterations as appropriate. This has been particularly evident with the germanic-themed Bauhaus Megacorporation. Almost all of their models went through multiple iterations, with people debating back and forth over details such as whether helmets should have spikes or gas mask filters. All in all, it has actually been great to see the company respond to feedback in this way. There are a good number of people out there who loved the look of the old models and a good number who want to see something new and updated (and these numbers change from model to model). Personally, I’ve liked most of what I’ve seen in the new models. Some changed more radically than others, but none so much that I was disappointed with the result. Here are some examples.

First, let’s take a look at the basic trooper from the Cybertronic Megacorporation – the Chasseur:

Old Cybertronic Chasseurs

It hasn’t aged well. There isn’t a lot of detail, and the poses are rather limited. Now, let’s take a look at the new Cybertronic Chasseurs:

Cybertronic Starter

Click for full-size goodness

A vast improvement over the original. Much more in line  The models are also multi-part plastics, which Prodos claim can be assembled in 700 different poses. Not all models are this variable. The big figure at the back, a new unit called the Everassur, has a single fixed pose, while the Terminatoresque Cuirassier on the right has a limited variety of poses.

Let’s take a look at another model that is getting a major upgrade. This is another Cybertronic model, a personality named Dr. Diana (one of Cybertronic’s medic clones):

Dr Diana, then and nowIf you hadn’t guessed, that’s the old Dr. Diana model in the lower-left corner. Pretty big difference, right? Sure, not everybody was happy with the new Dr. Octopus Diana, and that is completely understandable. That said, most backers favoured the new sculpt, especially the optional second head – as a clone, you can have more than one of her in an army. Further, the arms connected to her back will be fully posible, making her perfect for conversion and inclusion in dioramas.

All in all, things are looking pretty good for the reinvigorated future of Warzone. There’s a RPG on the way from Mophidus Entertainment (creators of the soon-to-finish Achtung! Cthulhu), and both Mophidus and Prodos are working together to make sure that the setting’s details are consistent. They’re entering a much tougher market than the one Warzone first existed in, but I have hope that the game will succeed. It’s integrated card mechanic sets it apart from most other games on the market, and if they maintain a high quality in the miniature sculpts people should stick around. All they need to do is erase that terrible Thomas Jane/Ron Perlman movie from existence somehow.

Head on over to their Kickstarter, check out the rest of the sculpts (including some painted examples), and if you’re in the mood for some high action warfare, well you know what to do.

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