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The Year That Was


It’s past midnight here in New Zealand, and we’re already making strides into 2013. There are no signs of flying cars, world peace, or an end to news about Kardashians*, so we’re not that far into the future.

I was going to use this post to take a look back at the New Years Resolutions I made a year ago and see how I fared, but that’s too way too depressing. Long story short, I failed at most of them. I would set new resolutions for this year, but I find the process a bit arbitrary really. I’ve never been one for setting my own goals. That said, if anyone has any suggestions, I’d like to hear them.

What I do want to talk about is a lovely email I received from WordPress. The email contained a link to a 2012 summary for Geek-Life Balance. I don’t recall receiving one last year, so I’m guessing this is a new feature. It’s a funky little infographic that summarises the last 12 months. The Mt Everest analogy is oddly worded, but once you get past that there are some tidbits I found interesting:

I posted twice as much as I did in 2011. A lot of this came from MyJanWriMo, but I’m still happy with the result. I wanted to write more this year, and I’ve certainly managed that. Not as much as I might have liked, but something is better than nothing.

Taking about topical subjects is a great way to get page views. This should be a surprise to nobody, but popular topics are, well, popular. I’ve seen a spike in hits on my two Hobbit-related posts since The Hobbit premiered mid-December. GenCon bought in another huge wave of hits. I’ll have to remember this for the future.

Search terms have been a source of private amusement for some time now. Sure, there’s the usual mix of people searching for “The Hobbit Soundtrack” and “GenCon 2012,” but also a surprising number of people searching for “embarrassing erection.” Seriously. I only used the term once in a caption for a photo, but it was enough to get it into the top five.

Unsurprisingly, most of my hits came from the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. What was a surprise was how many I received from middle eastern countries – including Syria. They’re in the middle of a civil war, and someone still had the time to pay a visit. Yes, I know some of these are probably spam bots or people using proxy services, but it is still a bit of a surprise.

And there we have it, 2012 in a nutshell. Who knows what 2013 holds. Right now, for me, it holds sleep.

* WordPress wants to auto-correct ‘Kardashians’ to ‘Carpathians’ and now all I can think of is Ghostbusters 2. Maybe they’ve got a long-lost Uncle Vigo.

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  1. 01/01/2013 12:06

    Greetings from the past!

    You know it could be worse, it could autocorrect to cardassians…just saying. 😉

    • 02/01/2013 01:04

      Honestly, I’d be impressed if it did. At least it’s not like my CMS at work that wants to change “NZ” to “NAZIS.”

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