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New Resolutions Quarterly Update


In an effort to keep myself honest, I’m going to regularly(ish) review how well I’m sticking to the resolutions I made at the start of the year. Progress has been mixed, but I hope these updates will help me to stay on target.

Geek Resolutions

Write, write, write: While not a complete failure, MyJanWriMo achieved less than stellar results. Things haven’t been too much better since then, either. Sadly, it’s been a pretty busy year, but with this weekend’s wedding out-of-the-way, I’m hoping to have more free time. I hope.

Watch my spending: Fortunately, I’ve had much better results here. My GenCon trip is bought and paid for, so everything I save now can go towards swag and Steak n Shake. It also helps that there isn’t a great deal that I need at the moment, so this have left with me with a little extra cash to spend on things like Kickstarter.

Get to the movies: A little over four months into the year and I’ve seen a grand total of two films: John Carter and The Avengers. While some people decried the former as terrible, I really enjoyed it. Sure, it had worse marketing than the Nazi Party in WWII Britain, but it’s what happens on the big screen that counts, and that was a whole lot of awesome.

Life Resolutions

Eat better: It took a little while to get into a healthy(er) eating habit, but it’s underway now. Sure, I’m not eating perfectly every day of the week, but when I’m at work I’m on the ball. Okay, so I do indulge in a little cake on the occasion of a co-worker’s birthday, but there’s only so many of them in a year. Drinking only tea at work has the added bonus of saving money that I would have otherwise spent on soft drinks.

Keep better hours: I’m getting to bed before midnight most night of the week. Sure, it may be a few minutes before midnight, but it’s better than 1am. Now I just need to start pushing that back to 11:30, maybe 11:00 if there’s nothing to watch.

Improve my HQ: Of all my resolutions, this one has been the most successful, just nudging out saving money. Both Valentine’s Day and our first wedding anniversary were a success. Not perfect, for reasons I won’t share, but still damn good. Between a ‘animal love’ themed Zoom Tour at the zoo and staying the night in our wedding suite, it’s going to be fun trying to live up to it next year.

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