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Hobbiton photo embargo lifted


Great news, comrades. The decadent capitalists have finally seen the light and lifted the embargo on our tiny nation. No longer will our good be stopped at the border, or people kept hidden from sight, and our lands unknown to foreigners.

In other words, the embargo on all photos taken at the Hobbiton film set has been lifted. I’m not sure why exactly, but I suspect two production diaries from Peter Jackson that heavily featured parts of it, as well as a desire to drum up more tourism, might be involved. Either way, it’s great news for those of us who had signed the slip of paper and were eagerly awaiting the release of the second film. It’s like Christmas 2013 has come early. But enough prattle from me – on to the photos.

This post will only include new photos of the set. I had previously shared some of the non-embargoed areas, as seen in my written account of the set, as well as on Flickr.

Nestled in the farmlands of Matamata lies a place of wonder and mystery…

A place guarded by the fiercest sheep known to man…

A place that seems out of time…

A place called… Hobbiton!

At this point I’m going to take a moment and state that, on the day we visited, the weather wasn’t too good. It rained for most of our visit, and was overcast the entire time. Don’t expect my photos to look like the movie, but that said it is still a lovely place to visit. Especially on a sunny day.

The main entrance to the set is a bit basic…

…but you soon see more familiar sights.

Sadly, some parts are currently out-of-bounds (damn resource consent)…

…and some look undecorated…

…but there is beauty in the details.

There are even things that never made it on film, like del Toro’s take on Hobbiton.

It’s the little thing that really bring the place to life.

But let’s be honest. We all know we’re here for one reason.

Even if it’s been a while since Gaffer Gamgee last trimmed the grass.

You can view all these photos and more on my Flickr set.

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  1. c00ld3v1l permalink
    06/01/2013 06:48

    just notice this after some site posted Hobitton photos on facebook…..finally it’s lifted…..yey…. 😀

    • 06/01/2013 11:52

      Heh, I found out the same way. I hadn’t seen the message about the lifting of the ban, even though I Liked the set’s Facebook page.

      Oh, and resource consent has finally been granted so the Green Dragon is now open for business. It might be time for a return visit.

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