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New Year, New Resolutions


The clock has stuck midnight, the fireworks have exploded harmlessly within the persistent New Zealand cloud layer, and now there is only one thing left to do. It’s resolution time again, and unlike most years, I’m actually making some this year.

I’m going to break by resolutions into two groups; one for those that are geek-related, and one for everything else. Not because they’re in some way exclusive of each other, but it’s so I can, in my own little pseudo-OCD way, may sure I have the same number of each.

For once I'm not going to use this one

Geek Resolutions

Write, write, write: This year I’m going to get as much writing done as possible. It’s starting now with the MyJanWriMo project. Once January’s finished I’m not going to return to my old behaviour, I’m going to keep it up as long as possible. I may not write as much as I plan to write this month, but I’ll do the best I can. There are already a few major events on the calendar for this year, so I will have to spread my time around a little.

Watch my spending: I’m planning another trip to GenCon later this year, but this time I want to actually do what I say I’ll do every year – only buy what I need. Every year I tell myself I’ll only get a few things. Every year I end up buying a lot more, some of which never ends up getting used. I’m sure there’ll be one or two impulse purchases, but I’m going to make myself justify them in mental triplicate before I do so.

Get to the movies: There are a lot of movies coming out this year that I want (and in some cases, need) to see. Sadly, I do have a bit of trouble getting to films before they’re replaced my the latest teen-vampire-madness or whatever the latest film fad is. It’s particularly annoying here in Auckland as any film that’s not considered ‘big’ tends to disappear after a couple of weeks. Fortunately, the movies I most want to see are fairly well spaced out, so it shouldn’t be too hard. Don’t expect much from my in December, however.

Life Resolutions

Eat better: The perennial favourite of many a resolution maker, including myself. I’ve tried several times, but there’s always something that trips me up. I’ve been at my current weight for a few years now. It has dipped a couple of times, but it always seems to return to this same number. Oddly, it never seems to go over, so maybe this is the natural equilibrium for my current lifestyle. Hopefully, some small tweaks will start me on the path to getting it down.

Keep better hours: Going to bed earlier (or at least before midnight) and spending an appropriate amount of time at work are the focuses here. I find it all too easy to stay up at night, even on ‘school nights’. Part of this comes from having a late dinner, but that can’t be helped. For a while I was able to make myself go to bed around 10pm, but it might be pushing things a little to go back to that point immediately. I think I’ll try for something a little more reasonable like 11pm. As for work, hopefully as projects end, it will become easier to keep ‘normal’ hours.

Improve my HQ: No, not headquarters. By HQ I refer to Husband Intelligence Quotient. Best I can tell, this isn’t an actual, measurable thing, but I’m defining it as ‘being a good husband’. This will be my first full year as a married man, and the first year where I don’t have to think about things like a wedding or honeymoon (at least not mine). It will be the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding, and I’ve always had a bit of a spotty record with that particular day. This year, I want to start fixing that. I’m not expecting a miracle, but some noticeable improvement would be good.

Right, three resolutions a side seems like a good amount. Most should be easy to stick to, but if you happen to see me slacking in a particular area do let me know.

MyJanWriMo Update
This post’s word count: 713
Total word count: 713

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  1. James mc permalink
    09/01/2012 01:22

    You know, Phantom Menace comes out in 3D around Valentine’s Day – could be a good start..

    • 09/01/2012 08:23

      Yeah, nah. I’ve already seen the TPM on the big screen, and I’m not sure 3D will add anything to the movie. I saw the trailer for TPM3D before Tintin and it really didn’t grab me.


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