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Steampunk Animals are Awesome (and a little scary)


So I was doing a little lunchtime browsing at work earlier this week. Nothing too fancy, just checking my email and a couple of favourite sites. Anyway, I loaded up and took a look at the latest crop of Freshly Pressed articles. This is usually a fairly hit-or-miss endeavour. I don’t enjoy reading about a wide range of topics, but have often been surprised by what I’ve found on that page. What I discovered that day really did take the cake. Behold…


"Here he comes to save the day..."

That is the most gloriously random and amusing thing I’ve seen all week.

A couple of days later I was still thinking about this little critter and realised something: you don’t often see animals in steampunk. Not real ones, anyway. I decided to hit Google to see what I could find.

First stop was “steampunk animal“; a logical starting point, but one that was sadly disappointing. If you click that link you’ll see a collection of what are, essentially, robots in the shape of animals. To be clear, I would say most of them are static pieces. If not, why don’t we all have functional robotic pets?

I did find something interesting, however. It turns out there is an artist here in Auckland who produces a line called “Fixed Animals” (link not suitable for fans of PETA). They’re nowhere near as cute as Steampug up there, but at least it is an attempt to make something that closer to the common steampunk aesthetic.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for people who dress their dogs up like Doctor Who…

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