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Two Great Tastes


Zombies are the hot thing right now, what with The Walking Dead renewed for a second season and World War Z being turned into a movie. This sounds like an excellent time to release a zombie-themed card game, and that’s exactly what Exile Game Studios want to do.

With your help.

Exile are trying to raise money to release Deadfellas, a card game that pits gangs of zombie mobsters against one another. The game is the brain child Jesper Myrfors, Brian Snōddy, and James Ernest; three guys with a LOT of experience in the gaming industry, including work for Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press.

Based on the video on the Kickstarter page, the game seems pretty easy to play. There is also mention of expansions, but Exile needs your money to help get things rolling. They’re only US$1100 shy of their goal with a little over a week to go, but there are some good incentives to those who do help out.

If you’ve got some spare cash and like the sound of this game, head on over and make a pledge. You might even get a free copy of the game out of it.


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