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Meet the League


Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days. You’re almost guaranteed to able to find one covering a topic you’re interested in with little effort. This goes double when it comes to geekier topics, especially gaming. At one point, I believe there were at least three or four podcasts devoted to Warmachine and Hordes, and a whole bunch that talked about Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.

While it easy to make your own podcast, it makes a real difference if you put in the extra effort to make it actually sound good. I’ve listened to some podcasts that sound like they’ve been recorded on a cellphone that gets passed around the various participants as they take turns to talk. It may seem crass to complain about something that costs nothing, so I don’t. I just stop listening.

There is one podcast that tends to stand out from the rest when it comes to quality and production values – The League of Extraordinary Geeks. This Hawaii-based show features four self-confessed geeks who all work in a local gaming and comic store. The show covers a variety of topics including comic books, wargaming, movies, and sometimes TV shows. They also cover local geek-themed events like Games Day and Kawaii Kon.

The secret to the show’s quality is that one member of the League, Matt, works for a Hawaiian radio station and is able to use one of the studios to record the show. The show also has proper intros and outros voiced my an as yet unnamed woman. Matt also edits the show to make it flow a little smoother than the average podcast.

Each show tends to cover a single flavour of geekery, though the occasional episode has two topics if one isn’t enough to fill the common show length of 60-120 minutes. The advantage of this format is that you can skip the episodes that cover topics you’re not interested in, though I find that there’s something worth listening to in every episode.

Sadly, the only downside to the show is that, like most podcasts, they’re doing this for love not money. As such, Matt is only able to keep a few of the old episodes online at any one time. There has been mention of a Donate feature being added to the website, but that has yet to appear. The conversations on the show can also get a little adult at times, so you may want to listen to an episode before giving it to the kids.

The League are recording their 100th episode this weekend and show no signs of slowing down. I’ve listened since the second episode, and have enjoyed every minute so far. As long as they keep the quality up, I can see myself listening to this show for some time.

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