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How do you solve a problem like Sororitas?

Sister of Battle

It’s been nine months since the release of the eighth edition of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. Nine months of frenetic releases, both new army books and a heap of new models. We’ve seen the return of primarchs (both loyal and traitor). There’s a new breed of Space Marines and all new sculpts for the Chaos Legions.

With each new release one question keeps popping up: What about the Sisters of Battle?

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Hobby Bingo – The Old Man and the Dune Sea


I’ve checked off the first box on my Wargame Hobby Bingo sheet. While I’ve twelve months to complete as many boxes as I can manage, I decided to pick something quick to get the first out-of-the-way. I decided to see if I could buy and paint Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars Imperial Assault within 48 hours.

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Wargame Hobby Bingo


I’ve spent a lot of time these last few years talking about RPGs. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a little ironic considering how little time I’ve actually spent these sorts of games.

I’ve decided to correct this in 2018. I’ve spent much more time over the last few years assembling, painting, and even playing wargames. It makes sense for me to find something related to this part of the hobby.

I’ll likely still take part in RPG a Day later in the year, but I’m also going to take part in different challenge across the year: Wargame Hobby Bingo from The Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog.

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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 31


What do you anticipate most for gaming in 2018?

Short Answer: English edition of Mutant: Elysium from Fria Ligan.

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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 30


What is an RPG genre-mashup you would most like to see?

Short Answer: Sci-fi Noir.

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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 29


What was the best-run RPG crowdfunding campaign you have backed?

Short Answer: Anything from Triple Ace Games.

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RPGaDay 2017 – Day 28


What film or series is the most-frequent source of quotes in your group?

Short Answer: Depends on the game.

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