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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 31


And here we are. Day 31. The final day of RPGaDay 2022. It’s been an eventful month on both sides of the geek/life divide, so let’s see how we’re ending it.

When did you first take part in #RPGaDAY?

I’ve been answering the prompts since the very beginning. I don’t recall how I heard learned about the event, but it was through Facebook. For all the complaints we might have about that social network, it does have some benefits.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 30


And then there were two. Since tomorrow’s post is going to be a little shorter than average, I’m going to try and put a bit more into this one.

What should #RPGaDAY do for its 10th anniversary next year?

We’ve had a bit of variation over the years. Some years we’re answering questions, others we’re answering prompts. I’ve tried to mix things up even further with my own self-imposed thematic answers. It’s been a great time, but for the tenth year (blimey!) it’s time for something truly different.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 29


We’re almost there. Only three days to go before we wrap things up for 2022. It’s been an interesting year, especially as I had to ‘adapt’ a week’s worth of answers due to a lack of playing. But that’s all behind us now. Let’s look ahead to potential futures.

Who would you like to see take part in #RPGaDAY?

It would be great if more people in general took part of RPGaDay. It might not seem relevant to those who only dabble with RPGs, but that’s all the more reason to take part. The prompts and questions can be thought-provoking and make you consider why you play.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 28


The tales of Erkenwulf have come to an end, for now. He might return in the future, but for now we’re going to return to more traditional responses.

Style Sunday: Roll 1d8+1, tag that many friends with your favourite RPG cover art.

As I mentioned on Day 14, WordPress isn’t the best for tagging so instead I’m going to provide two pieces.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 27


At first blush, today’s prompt feels like another easy answer, but is it really?

How has the character changed?

It would be easy to talk about how Erkenwulf has geared up over the course of his adventures. He started out with a basic sword and some clothing, and nothing more. Now he wields a reforged sword from the First Age while clad in heavy Rohirric armour.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 26


Opting for an MMO character over an RPG character seems to be working out so far, but there are some limitations.

Why does your character do what they do?

The thing about video games is you don’t spend as much time thinking about why you do things. As a rule, you’re given quests that propel the greater game narrative forward. It’s how these games work, but that doesn’t have to be all they do.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 25


This week’s questions have been pretty light so far, but now it’s time for things to go big.

Where has the character been?

Detailing Erkenwulf’s full ‘visited’ list would take more time than is available here. Let’s just say he’s been to almost every area featured within The Hobbit and Rings books. But what about everywhere else?

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 24


Most of the questions we’ve answered so far are great at prompting long, sprawling answers. At first blush, today’s doesn’t like one of those, but let’s see what we can do.

When did you start playing this character?

I sort of answered this a couple of days ago when I mentioned I started playing Lord of the Rings Online in 2007. Erkenwulf was my first character when the game launched to the public. I’d had other characters during the closed beta, but those were more so I could try out different classes.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 23


There were no concerns about my choice to spend this week talking about my LotRO character. To be honest, I didn’t expect any, so let’s continue onward.

What situation are they currently in?

Before I talk about Erkenwulf’s current situation, I need to discuss timelines. The game runs parallel to the novel, structured around key events in the story. Other times you forge your own path, sometimes ahead and sometimes behind the main story. You can also travel back along your personal timeline by visiting previous regions.

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RPGaDay 2022 – Day 22


For the final full week of this year’s RPGaDay we turn to the a common gaming trope – talking about our characters. This is going to be… interesting.

Who is your current character?

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times over the years, I’ve not done a lot of roleplaying recently. That could make this week hard to complete without substituting question, or not. Who says we have to talk about our current tabletop character? Sure, it’s implied by this being RPGaDay, but rules can be bent.

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